About Us

Wellington Karate Academy was foundered in 2005.

Founder Lance Lissette and other senior blackbelt members trained in a Shotokan based style for many years, in a club predominant in national and international competition during the 1990’s. As that club was devolving, the decision was taken to start a new club and not be bound by a single style.

Japanese traditional karate only emanated from the Okinawa Islands barely a lifetime ago, where It had been practiced for hundreds of years, emanating out of China. Karate has continually evolved and adapted to the demands of society and we believe that evolution should continue. NZ is a much different society now and training should be flexible to meet modern day challenges.

Wellington Karate Academy is a registered member of Karate NZ, the official Government and Olympic sanctioned body, part of the World Karate Federation (WKF). Dan grades are registered with KNZ and their compliance code adopted.

In understanding our training philosophy, it is worth noting that karate was originally focused on self defence, a life changing necessity for many people in a bygone era. When karate was introduced to mainland Japan in the 1920’s – 1930’s the focus shifted to self improvement with emphasis on style and technique. We adopt both philosophies.

Our club training is based on a traditional Shotokan syllabus, fused with elements from other main styles.

The club is not run as a profit-making business. Lance and the other seniors train for enjoyment and for the betterment of club members.

Affiliated to Karate NZ and World Karate Federation