Grading System

The club syllabus comprises a structured training programme enabling members to progress to the next grade in building-block steps. Each belt has core requirements which the individual student must be proficient in, in order to advance. A syllabus booklet will be supplied. Gradings are conducted on scheduled grading dates.

Grade Classes to Sit  Kata
White Beginner 20
Red 9th kyu 25 Taikyoku Shodan, Taikyoku Nidan
Yellow 8th kyu 25 Taikyoku Sandan
Orange 7th kyu 30 Heian Shodan
Green 6th kyu 35 Heian Nidan
Blue 5th kyu 40 Heian Sandan
Purple 4th kyu 50 Heian Yondan
Brown – 1 Stripe 3rd kyu 50 Heian Godan, Sanchin
Brown – 2 Stripes 2nd kyu 50 Teki Shodan, Teki Nidan , Bo #1
Brown – 3 Stripes 1st kyu 50 Teki Sandan, Jion, Teisho, Bo #2
Black – 1st Degree Shodan 100 Bassai Dai, Bassai Sho, Seishan
Black – 2nd Degree Nidan 2 years Wanshu, Unsu
Black – 3rd Degree Sandan 3 years Kanku Dai, Kanku Sho, Nanchaku #1
Black – 4th Degree Yondan 4 years Chinto
Black – 5th Degree Godan 5 years Select WKF Shotokan kata