Sensei Lance Lissette, Chief instructor – Founder

Lance started Wellington Karate Academy in 2005 after completing 25 years traditional training. The club was set up initially to coach New Zealand team members and quickly evolved into teaching traditional karate, moving into its current specialist dojo in 2010. Lance is well known for motivating members and teaching karate technique in a way that is easily understood. He has an ability to fuse traditional Japanese values with the kiwi spirit, making karate enjoyable as well as beneficial for members. Lance has inspired many members to achieve their ambitions both on and off the dojo.

Sensei Andy Anderson, Senior Instructor

Andy started karate training in 1979, and gained Shodan in 1985 from Sensei Takasaka, Senior Instructor of Kei Shin Kan Karate Do. Andy trained under renowned Grand Master Masanao Takazawa (1930 – 2010) in Nagano, Japan and at Takashimadaira dojo, Tokyo during the 1980’s. This included massed training in the famous Budokan, a career highlight for all karateka’s.  Andy’s interest in karate is teaching formal techniques, as shown by the masters who he has been fortunate to know. Andy is a bridge to a bygone traditional karate era and he much enjoys teaching these values in a modern day environment. Andy is ranked Godan (5th Dan).

Sensei Joe Zikich, Senior Instructor

Joe has had an outstanding career in karate and is acknowledged as being a major contributor to the development of competition karate in Yugoslavia. Joe was a member of Shotokan Japan Karate Association in Belgrade between 1971 and 1996 where he attained his degree grade rankings under one of Karate’s pioneers in Europe, Sensei Taiji Kase (1929-2004). Joe was a top participant and trainer in domestic and international competition (European and North America), totalling 74 gold, 42 silver and 50 bronze medals with his students, an exceptional result demonstrating Joe’s formidable ability. Joe successfully graduated from Belgrade’s University of Sports (Martial Arts Department), and achieved the title of Certified Karate Trainer. Domiciled in New Zealand since 1996, Joe has continued teaching in Lower Hutt and is one of karate’s top instructors. Joe is a highly respected senior of Wellington Karate Academy and mentor to many members past and present. Joe is ranked Yondan (4th Dan).